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Friend Meme

Since everybody seems to be posting their memes as a thread-start, rather than a comment on the original post, I thought I'd give this a go again, and while I'm at it, revise it a little bit.

Name: Guilty / Strayce / No, you don't get my IRL name.
Age: 35
Location: Melbourne, AU
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: Same username on Tumblr, but I'm not active on there.
Snapchat: No.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: Burned out, dysfunctional ex-nerd, now working in hospitality. Cyborg (yes, really. Ask me about my implants. (Do brackets count as sentences? (I LOVE BRACKETS!) I'm going to say, no.)). Ex- Corporate Sysadmin, juniour chef at 35. Tired of corporate jargon (Srsly. Speak fucking English.) and money-worshipping culture, looking for a meaningful life. Half-certain I've found one.

Top 5 fandoms: I'll watch or read just about anything, but I'm not dedicated to anything. Current things I've been enjoying include Westworld and The Expanse.
I mostly post about: Being dysfunctional. Trying not to be dysfunctional. Occasional elation at doing things that could be considered functional. Work. Drains. Music. Technology. Music technology.
My last three LJ posts were about: Coming back to LiveJournal.
How often do you post? How about commenting? Going my my recent statistics, once every three years. That'll be changing though.

A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far:
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