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Name: Brenda
Age: 40-something inside a 50-something, somehow. Also frequently 26. *snort*
Location: Chicago

My journal is Friends-Only, and I love getting to know people, so please either add me or message me to be added back!

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

I'm a good listener and a compassionate person, and I will give anyone my opinion about anything while realizing we can agree to disagree. I give advice readily and ask that people absolutely tell me when it is not welcome. I care, for heaven's sake! I advocate for human rights/civil rights, animal care, the environment, the poor, the homeless, the hungry.

I mostly post about...
My own life and observations, Poetry (not mine!), Poetry (Okay, sometimes it's mine, but rarely these days), Politics lately (but I'll create a filter), Music,

My last FIVE LJ posts were about...
This Friending Frenzy;
Thoughts on work and ageism;
A plea to my friends to forgive my frequent absence on LJ and how I forget my own life when I neglect my journal;
Some details about being grateful/ my work/ public transportation/ and being frugal; A bit about making meaning out of things- some magical thinking- and how messy it is to not believe in Destiny or Magic, but to want some of those feelings in Life.

How often do you post? How about commenting?
Prior to this FB explosion, I had promised myself to LJ like I've been FB-ing. I will post daily about myriad things. I often comment, but my FL has been sparse of late, so I'm outta practice on the bigger numbers of posters in LJ's Heyday, but I'm willing to give it a go!

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