i couldn't think of a better username (gudnamesallgone) wrote in 2017revival,
i couldn't think of a better username

hello, everyone. i'm returning from what was, essentially, a 9 year hiatus.

hey all. i'm looking to make some friends on here. my journal is mostly friends only, but feel free to add me and i'll add you back. i shamelessly copied this introduction survey from Zhelana.

Location: pittsburgh, pa

Gender: male

Languages: english, spanglish, and igpay atinlay.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: i used to be fairly social, but nowadays, i limit my irl social circle to about 5 people. i spend all of my time working or actively avoiding work. i have a couple of dogs-- a husky and a german shepherd mix. i find grammar kind of nonsensical. shamefully, in my past, i was a member of the grammar police, but i've come to realise that if the recipient understands the point, why bother?

Top 5 Fandoms: hitchiker's guide to the galaxy, community, firefly, futurama, and back to the future. honourable mentions: arrested development, chuck, star trek: enterprise (it really deserves more credit than it gets), star wars, spaced, the increasingly poor decisions of todd margaret, the MCU, the DCEU, sherlock, the flash, and so on. i hate leaving things out.

I mostly post about: random memories that fly into my head so i don't forget them and my reaction to things i've seen that day.

I rarely post about: i dunno. religion? gender issues? like defining a negative, this is a tough one to answer.

My last three posts were about: the tesla model 3, getting drunk 12 years ago, and how my political views changed from 2004 to 2012.

How often do you post?: i post in spurts. now i try to post at least every other day, but averaging the last 5 years, i post like once every 3 months. i'm trying to fix that now. i've all but abandoned facebook, so let's see how that goes.

How about commenting?: that remains to be seen. i just got back into LJ. my friends feed was literally blank because so may people i used to be in touch with abandoned LJ. i used to comment regularly. i hope to do that again.
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