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Intro post

Name: Brian
Age: 38
Location: Wisconsin
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: smacksofeffort
Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
This kinda feels like a dating profile.  I'm a very tall, progressive midwesterner.  My son is 10.  My girlfriend is legitimately the nicest person I've ever met.  I work from home for a software company, drawing on my 12 years of experience in human resources.  My greatest attributes are my sense of humor and my tennis serve.
Top 5 fandoms: n/a
I mostly post about... random musings about life, parenthood, relationships, categorizing past regrets for easier future access
My last three LJ posts were about... my son, my girlfriend, my life.  Most of my previous entries are friends-only, but will experiment with posting publicly more.  I've opened up a few recent(ish) old posts so you can get to know me better if you so choose.
How often do you post? How about commenting? A few times a year but hoping to get back into it since it's suddenly cool again.  Some of the best people I know I've met over the years through LJ, so if you're pretty great overall, let's be friends.
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