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late to the revival

I'm always late at posting in these revival communities, haha.

Name | Age | Location:
Devin, 23, Pennsylvania
What 3 Words Would You Use to Describe Yourself:
quiet, dreamer, introspective
What's Your Friending Policy/What Do You Look For In a Friend?:
I just look for a friend that listens and has stuff in common with me.
What Is The Story Behind Your Username?:
It was 2012. I loved the band Motionless In White and I loved their song Cobwebs. Cobwebsinwhite is how I combined it.

What Hobbies/Interests/Fandom Do You Wish More People Were Into:
Music. Metal/punk/hardcore/screamo/pop punk/emo. Going to shows. Blogging.
Your Current & Past Interests/Fandoms:
I used to be really into photography, My Chemical Romance, writing with sharpies on plain t shirts, weed (don't smoke anymore though), zombies, horror movies, Glee, Degrassi, vegetarianism, To Write Love On Her Arms, and marching band. I wouldn't mind getting back into photography and possibly making youtube videos. I'm very much into music, going to shows, Wicca, skateboarding, playing bass guitar, coffee, song writing, staying up late, thrift stores, Dickies pants, blogging, and journaling.
Any Groups/Clubs/Communities (online or off) you've been involved in you want to share (choir, forums, writing groups etc:)
I'm still on a few forums. I took six years of karate and I've been meaning to go back to karate after losing interest in it for a while. In high school, I was in marching band for one season, stage crew for one school musicial, the school newspaper, and I was also in a writing club.
Do You Moderate/Maintain Any Forums, Websites, Clubs You'd Like To Promote?:
What Movies/Shows/Concerts/Musicals Are You Most Anticipating This Year:
Warped Tour, Field Fest, Rocking For A Cure, and the movies Before I Fall and 47 Meters Down.
Your Favorite Fandom Moment/Nerd Out (a convention, a celeb meet and greet, meeting your writer hero etc):
Meeting someone into the same music or band that I'm into. Band shirts have started alot of conversations with people. I went to a show once wearing my Alesana shirt and a guy started talking to me about Alesana and their recent album.
Do You Do Or Watch The Sports (Which Ones? What Teams?):
Not into sports like baseball, football, etc. I rarely watch sports. I'm into karate and skateboarding, if those count.

Other social media places people can add you (if you wish to share):
Facebook (ask me for it), Instagram, Dreamwidth- firewhispers
Anything else? (gif, picspam, fun fact about you, etc):
I'm legally blind, I've lived in the same town I was born in (I don't like it here), and I have bipolar disorder, anxiety, and I've dealt with anorexia and self harm in the past. I also like making lists of things and rain.
Anything else you want to know, just ask.
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