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Late to the party. Stealing the quiz thingy from everyone. Hello!

NAME Alison, though I very often go by Corbie both online and IRL. Cool nickname, kinda sad background story.
AGE 31
LOCATION Edinburgh, Scotland
PERSONALITY TYPE INTJ-T (emphasis on the second T)
MARITAL STATUS Married.  Been together for a good 12 years now, one baby and one cat.
EDUCATION Kicked out of high-school weeks before my final exams.
OCCUPATION IT support @ a university.
PETS One rescue cat, Eddie (Edgar Mistoffelees von Fluffybum)
SEXUAL ORIENTATION Predominantly straight, probably like a 1/2 on the Kinsey scale.

I’ve also got a tumblr, Instagram and other such things, my username is usually corbiecorbeau – I tend to switch privacy settings off and on quite frequently for these things because I can be really iffy about my online presence.

BOOKS Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost, Dune trilogy, Frankenstein, Dracula, anything Spike Milligan, David Niven’s autobiographies, anything Poe, anything Lovecraft, anything Pratchett, Sherlock series – this list is pretty inexhaustible.
FOOD(S) Carbs.
INTEREST(S) Reading, gardening, loud music, writing though it’s a hobby I’ve really let slip over the years. I really love fashion and fangirl over Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent; I’m not ashamed of my growing collection of designer handbags and dresses.  I’m a total ‘graveyard tourist’ - love history, medical history, all the ghoulish stuff, my dad and I both like to go and visit commonwealth war graves and talk about how sad it was how young many of them were. Big fan of old Hollywood and the old hammer horrors and have a particular love for Vincent Price, David Niven, Jack Lemmon, Peter Lorre & Gregory Peck.  I'm also a keen but shite photographer and I write haikus about things which annoy me.
MUSIC I love a lot of classic gothic rock, post-punk, shoegaze, indie/indie-punk, black and death metal, some gangster rap, some punk, some pop, etc. Love Bauhaus, The Cure, New Order/Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Idlewild, Opeth, Burzum, My Bloody Valentine, Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Daft Punk, NIN, Tool, The Libertines, Gogol Bordello, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke,Tom Waits, Amy Winehouse… List is massive.
SEASON Not winter.
FANDOMS I don’t take active part in any fandoms but I really enjoy Supernatural and their fandom is most joyous. I’m also a big enjoyer of Star Trek and I loved True Blood and I don’t give a damn who judges me for that!

I POST  mostly rants and moans!
I POST ABOUT A lot of my posts are about my health and dealing with doctors/consultants and whatnot – I have some memory problems after a bad reaction to medication a few years ago so I tend to use my LJ to keep track of things.  The rest is just boring stuff about my every-day life and daft rants because I am easily irked by life.
I COMMENT If I feel like I can reply with something semi-relevant.
I LIKE FRIENDS WHO are interesting, share a lot of common interests, I can learn something from, are friendly!

* “Oh yay I’ve had my cat for 5 years!”
* “Oh no! My cat’s been in a fight!”
* I went a bit mental spring cleaning.
DON'T ADD ME IF You don’t like swearing or shite banter. That’s all I have to offer.
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