serpent tongue。 (debiru) wrote in 2017revival,
serpent tongue。

Name: ashe
Gender: androgyne
Location: east coast, united states
Hobbies: jrpgs, classic anime, visual novels, poetry / writing
Fandoms: jojo's bizarre adventure, devilman, dragonball, megaten, final fantasy
Interests: art, photography, fashion, foreign films, tarot, video games

about me: 1
past usernames: 2

Posts: my journal is semi-private / locked because of personal posts. in the past, i've talked about my mental illness, gender identity, poems i've written, and relationships. i also have tumblr dumps, music, and the occasional drop of screenshots regarding whatever 90s anime has caught my interest at the moment.

i'm more liable to comment on other people's posts than to expect them to comment on mine, as long as i have something substantial to say. i don't post as often as i used to but i still read my friends list. if you want to add me, comment here or send a private message ♥
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