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New pals come at me!

NAME: Quinn/Felix
GENDER: Trans + genderfluid
AGE: 24
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
EDUCATION: Currently studying my Bachelor of Creative Arts in Film and TV
OCCUPATION: Filmmaker/masseuse
PETS: Molly and Glossy, two ancient cats
YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME ON: I have an instagram for my glitch art/VJ stuff, it's @fuckinghellfelix

BOOKS: Oh god. Right now I'm reading Laurie Penny's Unspeakable Things and it's blowing my mind so that's definitely up there. The Holy Machine by chris Beckett. The Harry Potter Series, even though I've never read them all the way through. Let the Right One In but that Swedish author with a long name. I dunno, I'm getting back into reading so I'm still figuring out what makes it to the top of my "most read" list.
FOOD(S): Cheesecake. Chocolate. Miso soup. Bibimbap. Cheese. Most sweets. Most baked things. Anything with sweet potato. Taco Tuesday at the Revenence Hotel in my town.
INTEREST(S): VJing, cyberpunk, artificial intelligence, anarcha-feminism, asking questions, making art, exploring new ideas.
MUSIC: I used to be the kind of person who totally defines themselves by their taste in music, but these days it's mostly just a grab-bag of weird shit. I like breakcore, trip-hop, noise, electro-punk, anything with cool synthesisers, riot grrrl, John Murphy, the Birthday Massacre, crazy shit like Die Antwoord and Little Big, southern gothic, a lot of female country artists from Dolly Parton to the Dixie Chicks. Lots of miscellaneous shit.
SEASON: Oh god don't make me choose. I think spring would have to be my favourite, all the flowers and the rain and it's not sticky and gross and hot yet.

I POST: Irregularly but with great enthusiasm.
I POST ABOUT: My life, things I've been thinking about, deconstructing ideas and stuff I've been taught, mental illness, movies, music festivals, all the weird shit that I do on a daily basis.
I COMMENT: When I feel like I have something to contribute. Honestly, I'd like to comment a lot more than I do, but I have so much to say I can never get it all down. I often start to write something, decide I wanna think about it for a while, then forget about it completely.
I LIKE FRIENDS WHO: Write about ideas, feelings, experiences, use their writing to explore themselves as a person and connect on a deeper level.
THE LAST 3 POSTS I MADE WERE ABOUT: My continuing battle to figure out how much impact I want social media to have on my life, changing my name vs using a stage name, a dude I'm lovesick over.
DON'T ADD ME IF: You're a neo-nazi, don't believe non-binary genders are real, don't like a lot of swearing, or are just generally uninteresting.

A GIF TO DESCRIBE HOW YOUR DAY HAS BEEN TODAY SO FAR: Ugh please no more gifs. Buzzfeed has ruined them for me.
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