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Name: Miriam

Age: Somewhere between 50 and death

Location: Northern Virginia

Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: I use facebook, but limit my friends list to people with whom I have an actual, usually real-life, connection. I’m also on ravelry and flyertalk and some other less public places.

Snapchat: No

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I am alpha technodiva in a group that deals with satellites. I spend my spare time on storytelling and assorted fiber crafts (e.g. knitting, crocheting, nalbinding). I also travel and go to the theatre and inflict atrocious puns on anyone who will sit still long enough to listen.

Top 5 fandoms: I am an ardent Red Sox fan, who refers to the New York Yankees as the source of all evil in the universe. The only TV show I was ever much of a fangirl about was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am also hopelessly geeky about musicals.

I mostly post about... travel, genealogy, theatre, snacks

My last three LJ posts were about... 1) A trip to New York, following a business trip to the West Coast, 2) A graze snack box, 3) my vacation in Nicaragua

How often do you post? How about commenting? I post roughly once or twice a week. I comment when I have something to say.

A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far: I don’t care for GIFs.
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