Fearlessly Leslie (fearlessheart) wrote in 2017revival,
Fearlessly Leslie

I'm lookin' for a revival.

- Leslie

- 36

- Florida

Describe yourself in five sentences or less
I am a community theater actress & techie, it is my passion. I am a complete Disney-holic & an annual passholder for WDW. I am a wife, mother of four & a part-time retail slave at a uniform shop. I am a new-agey sort of Christian (I'm still figuring that out!) & I am liberal. I pretty much only listen to musicals.

Top 5 fandoms
In no particular order; Star Wars (all), Star Trek (all), Criminal Minds, Hamilton, Harry Potter,
(For the record I have a TON more, 5 wasn't nearly enough!)

I mostly post about
My life, my problems, things I do, shows I'm in, marriage, kids, random things. Anything that tickles my fancy. I kind of started this one because I wanted a place to be able to be honest & free with my feelings.

My last three LJ posts
1. A friend's only post.
2. A random update about my life.
3. Random update about my life.

How often do you post? How about commenting?
I'm attempting to post every other day if I can. I only comment on people if I have something to say or if they ask a question. I don't just comment for the sake of doing it. Kinda like how I post.
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