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I joined in 2001 and still post to this day. Currently I'm participating in therealljidol so I'm even more active. That stuff is public; the rest is friends-locked.

Name: alphaloria aka Candice

Age: 39

Location: Philadelphia

Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: IG - @alphaloria

Snapchat: Get off my lawn!

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

1. I am lazy so I am going to take this right from my profile.
2. If I could apply my work ethic to my personal life, I would be a goddamn rockstar.
3. When it comes to food, I'm equally happy attacking a bowl of pho at the cafeteria-style corner joint, or Instagramming my way through a 13-course white-tablecloth tasting menu.
4. My dude and I have: three cats, zero kids (I'm sterilized 8+ years), one South Philly rowhouse, one Dyson, one KitchenAid mixer, and six different ways to make coffee.
5. I am not actually a fan of Dick Cheney, despite what some of my icons would lead you to believe.

Top 5 fandoms: Never got into fandoms.

I mostly post about...</b> my co-mortgage-haver, vacations, plans, work stuff, fitness/nutrition when I actually give a damn about that.

My last three LJ posts were about... 1. Money 2. A fiction piece for LJ Idol 3. Work-related stuff.

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