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(username dcjaywalk comes from a summer course I took in high school, where we joked about diplomatic immunity and jaywalking in DC)

33 (turning 34 next month)

Sacramento, California

Describe yourself in five sentences or less

I'm a former neuroscientist who, after a run-in with knee-jerk reactions to mental illness, became a lawyer to represent other people with mental illnesses. I'm also a classical musician -- section violist in a semi-professional orchestra and principal violist in a community orchestra, and compose music when I have time for it. I live with depression and generalized anxiety disorder, both stable on medication. Also an avid reader, a sci-fi fan (generally, no specific obsessions), foodie, wine/beer/coffee geek (ask me about Texas wines!), soccer fan (and former player through college level), and general punster. I'm originally from Houston, grew up mostly in Dubai, returned to Houston before high school, and went to college in the LA area and stayed there for several more years before moving north to Sacramento to begin law school; I've also spent extended periods in Oregon (visiting relatives almost every summer while living in Dubai) and Washington, DC (summer legal internship during law school).

Top 5 fandoms

Eh. I haven't really had a strong fandom since Firefly and Stargate SG-1. I quote Parks & Rec and Arrested Development a lot, so those count for something? If bands count, I follow Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube and went to their Sacramento shows.

I suppose my top fandoms are soccer teams, namely Sacramento Republic, LA Galaxy, and US national teams. (As long as Sacramento and LA are in different leagues, I'm OK with supporting both.) I stand in the Tower Bridge Battalion section at Sacramento Republic matches, used to stand in the Riot Squad at LA Galaxy matches, and I'm a member of American Outlaws.

I mostly post about
Hard to say now, since I just resumed last night after 4 years away! It's probably going to be a mishmash of life updates, law, mental health, music, soccer, and food/wine/beer.

My last three LJ posts
- Extremely-condensed update on what's happened in the last four years
- A hilarious law professor quote (posted in spring 2013)
- A little about the first few weeks of my legal internship in DC (posted in summer 2012)

How often do you post? How about commenting?
I'm going to try to post at least a couple times a week from now on, and possibly comment more frequently than that if there's material to comment on. (Need to rebuild my friends and communities list -- when I returned last night, only three of my friends and one of my communities had any posts in the last six months.)

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