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Giving this a try :)

Name: gaeln which is a slightly Celtic variation of my actual name. I wanted a different spelling but when I joined, back in '07, they were all already taken.

Age: Older than most, younger than some.

Location: Bay Area, California

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I would like to imagine that I have a creative bent, I draw much, write some, & photograph everything. As politically aware as I have been, I have just recently become much more so. I am married, am an older mom to a transgender son whose new name I'm remembering much more easily than his pronoun switch. I'm also a reader, mostly nonfiction & relatively hard-core science fiction. Finally, I love lists & organizing.

Top 5 fandoms: I came to LJ for the fandom, QAF specifically, to read the stories of others and to write my own. But I have remained for other reasons so, while I still enjoy some fandom related posts, QAF, BBC Sherlock, yah yah, fandom is not my main reason for being here.

I mostly post about: As of the past couple of months, some politics. Ongoing, life and living. My posts rely heavily on photography & NASA & terrific, I think, ideas I snag from the many news feed, artnews, NASA, Atlas Obscura, the Daily Beast, yah yah, that accumulate in my email.

My last three LJ posts:
Immigration Advocates Rally in downtown San Jose_Photos & minimal comments about mine & Arron's participation in this rally.
How things can sometimes happen when friends inspire you_Photos about a long-standing task I completed because a LJ friend asked to see a photo of my costume jewelry.
Spend Less Time Deciding_A second post about how to better use time.

How often do you post? How about commenting?: I post maybe three times per week & try to consistently comment to others, not necessarily brilliantly but just letting them know I'm there. If you're not good at commenting, and I know some aren't, then just hit the little heart deal-y on the comments page so I know you're there too :)

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