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Kylie Jeanne

hi there!



San Francisco Bay Area, California

Describe yourself in five sentences or less
I'm an extroverted bibliophile with an educational background in physiology working in finance within higher education (that was a big career change 3 years ago!). I'm also currently going to school part time to earn my master's degree in public adminsitration and nonprofit management. Married for 5 years and have been with my amazing, biochemistry student husband for 10 years. No kids yet, but I think about it often. My passions are my family, my work family, karaoke, pole dance, and wine tasting.

Top 5 fandoms
I don't post a lot about fandoms. I do love Harry Potter (met my husband at a midnight book release party) and Star Trek TNG. In terms of television, I really can't get enough of This Is Us, Nashville, and the Crown.

I mostly post about
Education (my own and my husband's), work, books, my friends and family

My last three LJ posts
- Turning in my husband's grad school apps and preparing for a business trip
- An about me post with information about people I post about often
- Getting dinner and doughnuts with an old friend in Santa Cruz during a recent weekend

How often do you post? How about commenting?
I post about 4-6 times a month, and comment about once a week. I like to comment if I feel that I have something to add, but am always reading my friends list.

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