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hello 2017!

thanks for setting this up :) I love livejournal and learned over time that an annual(ish) friends-list revival really helps it feel alive, having an alive friends page keeps me posting, posting is mentally good for me.



Kansas, USA

Describe yourself in five sentences or less
I'm an electrical engineer who now manages my department, so I think a lot about career and leadership and people development in addition to the making of airplanes. I have two daughters age 3 and 6 and a stepdaughter in college. I also have a husband, a dog, a house, a guinea pig, a little free library. My political views are a bit to the left of center.

Top 5 fandoms
I love star trek but I don't write about it much.

I mostly post about
Engineering, parenting, crafts, flying, the midwest, secret corporate feminism, joining groups, public speaking, books (mostly non-fiction), minimalism, increasing social capital and making the world a better place.

My last three LJ posts
Thoughts on the women's march - reasons for not going even though I am a big supporter
pokemon go - I am a huge fan
teaching laser cutter classes at our local makerspace
and a bonus rant... how I really think women's pants should have pockets

How often do you post? How about commenting?
I would like to post once every 2-5 days, but last year towards the end of the year I fell off a bit and didn't post for like a month. don't let me do that! As for commenting, I try but I'm not the best at it. I might not be the best person to friend if you expect comments. Likewise I won't expect you to comment. If you comment I will make more of an effort to read your journal, but let's not attach too many strings? I've found that if I'm writing thoughtful things the good comments seem to magically show up, more than if I threaten to cut people from my friends list for not commenting.
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