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Name: Ashleigh. Ashe. Weirdo works, too. lol

Age: 38. I'm one of those odd balls who looks forward to getting older, most of the time. Childfree, conservative libertarian, pagan, gray-asexual, and all around geek/nerd who feels part of her is happily stuck in the 18th century. Don't let the religion, sexuality or the politics dissuade you, as I'm a rather tolerant soul who expects the same in return. I won't go on rants about Trump, as I am willing to give him chance, regardless that he wasn't my preferred choice (neither was Hillary). My journal is a drama free zone, so be forewarned.

Occupation: Shift manager in a fast food chain. I love the people I work with and my job as well, but some of the customers I could do without. I'm currently looking for a new job(s) that will allow me to afford my own place, as I've been living with my parents for a few years after the friend I was living with got married.

Interests: Oh hell...history, music (metal, classic rock, dark ambient), aviation, food, road trips, reading, true crime, learning how to knit, learning yoga, the paranormal, studying Buddhism and paganism, tea, mental health, being at peace with myself, and just living life with gratitude. I live a simple life, and I'm happy with it. Oh, I love video games, Star Wars, and I have a fondness for Russell Crowe and Ewan McGregor that knows no boundaries. I'd love to live somewhere where winter and fall never end.

I mostly post about: Writing, music, work, life in general, my spiritual journey, and some random things. I have bipolar disorder, but I'm medicated for everyone's safety lol. I don't mention it much, but it is not something I am ashamed of. I take my mental health seriously, and it's something I find fascinating.

Posting frequency: I try to post at least once or twice a week, though recently I've been posting almost every day.

Commenting: This is something I do regularly. Even if I take a break from posting, I still comment on the entries of others. I like those that comment, as I want to have people on my list I can interact with.

My last three posts were about: quitting smoking (yay!), dreams, random things.
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