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Name: annaleisewinter/winterxlife
Age: 29
Location: Currently north east England, soon to be north west England!

Tumblr/Goodreads/IG, etc: On Tumblr and IG I go by winterxlife, although I very rarely use Tumblr now and when I do it’s just to repost pretty pictures.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I try to keep ticking over in the same way as when I was younger so I’m quite carefree, happy-go-lucky and I try to take good things from even the worst situations. I’ve learnt a lot and grown up a ton, especially over the past year/18 months, but I don’t ever want to lose my sense of self, and I’d like to think the self I am is a fundamentally good person! I’m vain as hell, which is 100% born through crippling insecurities, my favourite food has got to be a good burrito and I’ll always stop to pet cats in the street.

Top 5 fandoms: Honestly I’m not even 100% sure about what a fandom actually is sooo…I don't know *kanyeshrug*

I mostly post about... Life. Having a place to get out my thoughts is the main reason I revived this LJ and it’s always (well, 99% of the time) about my direct life and the people/places/things within it.

My last three LJ posts were about... Entering 2017, work work work work work, my love of winter as a season.

How often do you post? How about commenting? I’m staging my own revival right now so I haven’t got a ‘schedule’ down just yet but I’m aiming to post properly once or twice each week; my life is not interesting enough to update every single day! Having said that, if something occurs and I fancy a vent/celebratory share of info I’ll bang out an entry. Comment-wise I usually do that on the daily but only if I feel like I have some kind of worthwhile input; I’m not the kind of gal to say anything for the sake of it.

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