Emmy/Dreamers (The Dreamers United) (dreamwriteremmy) wrote in 2017revival,
Emmy/Dreamers (The Dreamers United)

Name: Emmy/Dreamers/DreamWriters
Age: 28
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: We're a gendernonconforming female-bodied plural system of creatives, intuitives, scientists, healers, mentors, activists and storytellers with a knack for connecting people. We have a passion for the recovery/mad pride model of psychology, animal welfare, and believe that EVERYONE is creative, just some people are more talented in particular arenas. We write, draw, paint, cosplay, mixtape and even do a little bit of in-character voiceover/impressions on occasion. :

Top 5 fandoms:
Welcome to Night Vale
Ace Attorney
The Orbiting Human Circus
Alice Isn't Dead
Within the Wires

I mostly post about... Real Life and fandom.

My last three LJ posts were about... a life update about one of the new housemates, a link out to a friending meme on dreamwidth, and a post on goals as part of a backlog post from the december blogging meme.

How often do you post? How about commenting?
I post fairly regularly. I read fairly regularly. I comment irregularly because of spoon and brain-weasel reasons. A lot of times they'll come late and in binges on old posts, unless I see some crosstalk that really catches my attention. I hope you all don't mind that. We have a pretty clear journaling culture post linked in our top post (which has a million important-ish links). I crosspost from Dreamwidth. I also write fiction and share art on dreamwriters.
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