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I added myself to the Friending meme but I am going to leave a post here as well...

I am Siduri and have been on LJ since 2001. I live in southern New England with a Corgi. I have worked in a rare book library for 36 years. Am 57 years on this plane...twice survived cancer.

Interests? Lots of things! Fangirling over MCU, Vikings, Doctor Who, GoT, Westworld, Sherlock, AHS, Penny Dreadful, that is just a few of my favorites. Read quite a bit-have been on a Phil Rickman since last August.

Practicing witch and pagan of nearly 30 years. (Where my witches at?!) I do post about that sort of thing but nothing spooky. Read tarot and other sorts of oracles such as runes.

I  post most most days unless there is absolutely nothing to post about. Very good about commenting although I do not require people to comment or post daily to be on my Flist which is locked. I rarely unfriend anyone. I post about whatever I am doing, reading, cooking, where i have been, what I have been watching, the adventures of the Beast Herd. All spoilers go behind a cut! I will also share things that are of interest around holidays, my latest post is about the coming Solstice and those posts do seem to interest people on my Flist generally.

My Flist is quite diverse and people all seem to get on well...
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