Samantha (flameamongcoals) wrote in 2017revival,

Fuck Dreamwidth

It was 2008 when "the sky started falling" and 60% of my friends said they were going to Dreamwidth.

10% of them went to Dreamwidth. 90% of them went to Facebook, because that's where everyone else went. It precipitated the downfall of blogging as we know it, because Dreamwidth will never have the numbers, and therefore not the community, of Livejournal. That's the same reason Google's Blogger and Wordpress will never be Livejournal. That's why we're here. Because it's Livejournal - the biggest blogging community on the internet in the past...ever.

We were wrong when we said Livejournal was going anywhere, and that mistake cost us our community.

Let's not do that again. Not when we just decided to take it back.

Edit: Like I said in the "detention center for creativity" that is Facebook, if the Russians want my stories about my maids finding my dildos, they can have them.

I keep seeing "Ooo, the Russians" whispers like people have nuclear launch codes in their freaking blogs.
Trust me, "The Russians" don't care about V having a crush on M while he's dating B.

Edit 2: Happy New Year. And Shame on you for making somebody say this 40 minutes to midnight to chase a "Maybe Your Whole Community Effort is Pointless" post.
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