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Howdy, y'all. I've been away from LJ more than I like and this friendzy is my impetus to get active again. Well, that and the fact that my entire professional life exploded into a million jiggly pieces and now I'm trying to re-learn how to adult.

Name: Regan
Age: 40-something

A woman in transition. Long-long married (married longer than half of my life, now, which is sobering to consider). I have dogs and cats, an octogenarian father in my house, and a pretty messy immediate family all around. I'm becoming a partner in my husband and FIL's company, so that ought to be interesting right there. I'm tattooed, curvaceous, and bold when not recharging due to introversion tendencies. I'm a regular storyteller for The Moth storyslam although I haven't made it to the radio show yet, and I've been on Risk's mainstage, so storytelling is kind of my thing. I'm pushing myself back into writing after a bout of professionally-induced depression. I love to laugh.

Mostly I post about:
Whatever is going through my head at the moment. I try to read and comment on friends regularly, although I try to only comment with real responses, not just fripperies.

My last three posts have been about:
1. Parties I'm hosting
2. The aforementioned professional explosion
3. Having so much to say I have nothing to say

Yes, I'm a touch geeky. This past September I was the Divinations teacher for a week-long, full immersion Harry-Potter style wizarding school. It was pretty much the best experience I've ever had. I'm also a fan of Star Trek, all things Joss Whedon, and a bunch of other stuff mostly related to fantasy and science fiction. I wouldn't say my LJ is mega-geeky, however, just sort of geeky. I'm also a big knitter, reader, and watcher of things.

Something else to know:
I'm just jazzed that people are trying to bring back LJ. I'm open to friending if you are, I have to go run errands but ASAP I'll be back to read all of your comments to find a few new folks. Looking forward to seeing what shenanigans we can bring for 2017!
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