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R I N.

Oh my goodness, it truly warms my cold, dead heart to see a LJ revival! Truly, this is beyond fantastic. I started blogging on LJ in what, 2004? Something like that.

ANYWAY HI. I'm Rin! I look like this:

(I got married a few weeks ago, so I look all fancy-shmancy here)

A little bit more about me:

I'm originally from the Metro Detroit area of Michigan in the USA, but then I moved to Shanghai, China for my MA and now I live in Poland with my husband. I am literally the only mixed Asian girl I know here and I feel VERY detached from my culture, but it's definitely been an adventure learning more about Poland and Europe.

I am a language teacher- I mainly teach English but I also teach Mandarin Chinese and sometimes Japanese. However, I'm working on attempting to continue in my actual field of study, which was philosophy.

✩ I am a HUGE nerd- I am getting into cosplay and I love games, books, as well as anime. (I'm so so so SO happy there is a cosplay and anime/gaming con culture here!) Main fandoms: Star Wars, Fate/Stay Night, Sailor Moon, Gundam, Final Fantasy, Phantom of the Opera, and I will always have a soft spot for Sonic games as I grew up with them (as well as the comics, but I don't read those much anymore). I also enjoy RWBY, and fantasy books such as Kushiel's Legacy and Black Jewels Trilogy.

✩ I'm a witch, but I don't talk about it on my journal. The most you'll see is some aesthetic posts as I keep my spirituality/practises VERY private.

✩ I'm chronically ill and a spoonie, and will blog about it from time to time.

✩ I'm kind of huge into fashion and makeup too, especially Japanese and Korean fashion. It somehow ties into my cosplay dreams as well, haha.

✩ I'm right on the border of INFJ and INTJ, if anyone was curious.

Let's be friends?
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