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Hi there!

This is a mission that should be supported!

Name: Heidi
Age: 45
Location: South Hesse/Germany
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: Goodreads, FollowShows (only recent series) / I don't do any of the other stuff.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm housebound and pretty much completely socially isolated due to chronical pain illnesses and several other things, and once upon a time LJ used to be my safe haven. Though I sort of got used to having no kind of social interaction, I know it's probably not exactly healthy and I'd like to get a bit of that old feeling back.
I'm addicted to (mostly Japanese) green tea, the colour blue, Calvin & Hobbes and The Peanuts, I love dogs (sadly I can't have one of my own), plush animals, snow and cold weather, the night sky, sushi and cinnamon, and I discovered Postcrossing about nine months ago. I'm a huge science fiction fan, especially books (see Goodreads link above | favourite author: Alastair Reynolds) and TV series, but still rather new to the genre. I like classic cinema and a variety of TV series, and I enjoy progressive rock, 80s pop/rock, classical music and film scores (♥ John Williams).

Top 5 fandoms: Fandom is the community of fans of a thing, right? I don't really do that. But here are 5 things I love and do like to talk about on occasion: Person of Interest, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, VOY, ENT, not the reboot), classic Japanese cinema (rather new to that one), Stargate SG-1, Life on Mars (UK) / This is just a small selection; I love a lot of shows, films, books, though I'm usually rather moderate in my enthusiasm and always completely canon. No fan fiction, fandom wars or anything like that for me.
I mostly post about... Preferably not my health issues. I do mention them sometimes, after all they are an important and defining part of me, but I prefer LJ to distract me from them. I do vent about stuff occasionally but most of us do. My friends list is pretty much dead, so I haven't posted much (and that's an understatement, to be sure) but I'd like to write about the things I enjoy/love, from TV series and books to my green tea addiction and whatever comes to my mind. I like to ask my flist questions on a certain topic, e.g. "What book stayed with you the longest after you finished it and why?" or "What daily things always make you feel good? Elaborate a little" or similar.
My last three LJ posts were about... presidential election in the US (usually I don't do politics), a song I discovered and loved & I asked if anyone watches "Westworld", a little ranting about some private trouble and the issues LJ had after what seems to be a butcher's job of a scheduled maintenance moving servers
How often do you post? How about commenting? As I mentioned above, right now barely at all because there was almost no one to read it. I'm planning on changing that to roughly once a week. But there's no way telling yet. As for commenting, that depends on whether I have something to say. I don't like to comment just for the sake of it. I don't like super short comments; that reeks of Twitter, and we're not on that site here.

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