Samantha (flameamongcoals) wrote in 2017revival,


My partner and I got a roommate.
I really didn't know the guy, but they had grown up together.
So, my new roommate and I stayed up all night - just talking.
I asked him "What's your greatest regret?"

I thought he'd say, "I killed a man," or "I never saw my son again," or "I don't drop the soap anymore."
Weird, but we're all a bit weird. You get someone talking at 4:00am (or on Livejournal) and they'll show you who they really are.

I've done a lot of crazy shit, and I've heard much more crazy stories.
I was not prepared for his response.

"I wish my mom hadn't injected me with steroids when I was young, so that I grew breasts and now I have to wear a bra all the time."

So, I'm not going to ask you about your biggest regret.

If you could correct an assumption people make about you, what would it be?

Me? I do not have my shit together nearly as elegantly as it might initially appear.
We strive for greatness. We settle for great stories. :)
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