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Hi There! ^^

I was so happy to see this community on the home page!
I often wonder how many active bloggers are left on LJ. Most of the friends on my list haven't updated since 2014-2015. :/
I've been a member since 2013 and have recently set my past entries to private because I want a new start without creating a new journal. I can't really find another blogging site that I like as much as LJ, so I'm here to stay.

My name is Lacy, my nickname is Lace; although, I have a cousin who calls me Lacybug (hence the username).
I'm 23 years old and I live in Mississippi with my sister, mother, stepdad, and our many pets.  I've got an AA in English Education and I hope to become an English teacher in Japan as soon as I receive my Bachelor's.

I also have a strong interest in learning about different cultures. I like having friends from different places around the world and learning as much from them as I can. I'd travel if money grew on trees, until then I have to settle for the internet.

It's difficult to find people who share the same interests as me in my city. It's frustrating, actually. :/


This is also me:

- pianist
- artist (I draw mainly sketches of my favorite celebs/youtubers or family and friends)
- tolkienian
- reader
- writer
- non-denominational Christian (but don't let that rub you the wrong way)
- otaku (I love anime and manga)
- coffee addict
- language learner
- star wars fan

overall nerd
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