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I saw this in the feed and it is too awesome to ignore.

Explain your username: naamah_darling gave it to me in the Golden Age of Livejournal when we laughed about catapulting buckets of dildos and nipple piercings looking like beer tabs. It means "Inspirational Ginger." That contrast is me; I'm either saving the world or I'm catapulting dildos at it.

You don't post so much anymore. All I had was an old and busted Livejournal app. I had to save my son. We got stuck in Reverend Buffalo Bill's religious compound basement. I'm sure you understand.

A/S/L? I'm a 46-year-old dude named Vito who lives in New Jersey.
That joke is going to be less funny in about a decade.
Time to make the rounds. Merry Christmas, everyone!

^ That's me, four days ago.

Why should people read you? I think I'm hilarious.

No really, why should people read you? Always be entertaining. If you can't be entertaining, be informative. Surround yourself with awesome company.

Why should people not read you? I curse and I talk sex shop. Not like "oh my vag is so gooey," but like "we should catapult dildos at the town hall." I'd rather "harm to others" be censored over "adult humor." Also I wear spandex.

What else do you talk about? Life. My island of misfit toys with its four walls and a roof. All the crazy shit that happens outside those walls. We are constantly working to improve our lives. We applaud one another's successes and laugh off the struggles.

Anything else? I apologize in advance for all the adult jokes. No, seriously. I'm a retired adult novelty industry executive. You cannot fathom the volume.
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