Keys and locks, roots and branches (omnia_mutantur) wrote in 2017revival,
Keys and locks, roots and branches

Greetings all

Name: omnia, for the momemnt
Age: 41 next month
tumblr/goodreads/etc: a sadly out-of-date LibraryThing of omniamutantur
Location: Camberville, MA

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

1. I am tattooed, short, bespectacled, poly, queer, kinky, occasionally bitchy (and don't believe that's necessarily an insult), fat (ditto), recovering goth, a voracious reader and my politics lean far enough left that they/I occasionally tip over.

2. When asked by a book to think of a two-word description of my personal style "hestia-punk" is what I settled on, though "goth-schoolmarm" was a close second, until I decided I liked to show too much skin to think of myself as schoolmarmish.

3. I have four cats, three of them tortoiseshells, and our household has collectively mourned the dog long enough that getting another one is starting to seem like a good idea.

4. I struggle with anxiety, depression, polyfeels, being a in-recovery alcoholic and premature menopause.

5. I was diagnosed BRCA2 positive years ago, have had a salpingo-oopherectomy and a complete mastectomy and while I struggle with both of those decisions, I am very vocal about having made them and believing people should be informed about this kind of thing.

Top 5 fandoms: I have feelings about being fannish, most of which boil down to can you be considered to have a fandom if you don't interact with anyone in said fandom?

That said, my top five are 1) Teen Wolf 2) any Pacific Rim crossover (I love seeing what people do with the idea of drifting) 3) Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence, 4) any fandom that has an OT3+ (such as White Collar and Leverage) 5) black tea flavored like desserts.

I mostly post about: the aforementioned struggles, my partners, books, food, angst about not knowing how to be social, concerts, things my cats have horked on.

Last three posts: not using my vacation correctly, what I cooked for feast days, and a post that was a writing for my memoir class about my mastectomy.

How often: It comes and it goes, usually in waves. I'm hoping that a variety of factors will combine to make more of the posting and less of the silence. Work in progress, et cetera.
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