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I've been suffering the weird posting bug for the last couple of days so forgive me being a little late to the party :)

Name: Jen. Or SoftFruit :)
Age: 43. I was so much younger when I arrived here!
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: A bit. More blogger than those named. Links pop up in my lj when they're interesting...
Location: Manchester, England.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:
* I'm a creature of habit: since I started LJing in 2001 I've carried on here uninterrupted, but very glad to see the influx freshly-returning faces.
* Speaking of habitual behaviour, I have been volunteering at a bisexual grassroots social-support organisation and for a bi print magazine for 15+ years each.
* Though I read endlessly as a child, I'm fated to be a slow reader - so I like to have podcasts or radio 4/4extra and am often looking for new audio shinies.
* Politically I'm Left-Liberal: Keynesian and Beveridgish.
* I've been out as bi and as trans/genderqueer for ~25 years which colours my take on a lot of stuff and has helped shape my social circles.

Top 5 fandoms: My kneejerk reply is that I'm not that a fandom/slashy person. Then I remember that I am, enough to be the scribe at workshops about it at BiCons but not to lead them... I suppose what excites me in that way the most of late are Caprica, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and just for now, Designated Survivor. Fangurling Justin Trudeau a bit, because for Liberals we don't have many winning heroes just now. And I am usually playing Yellow Car, so much so that one of my partners got me a Yellow Car teeshirt for Christmas.

I mostly post about: Oh my - that made me read back a few pages to judge. Current affairs, bi and LGBT activisting, things I'd enjoyed on radio and telly, and the odd note about spending time with my partners. Ooops, I should have put being polyamorous in that five sentence bio shouldn't I?

My last three LJ posts were about: On my main filter they were George Michael being a (bi) hero or not, what I liked best in Christmas radio programmes and TV, and noting my progress in Pokemon Go.

How often do you post: Nearly daily, though that comes in bursts and a couple of posts in each week are heavily filtered - I use LJ to keep track of activisty to-do-lists and my daily spending (to avoid getting into debt), and most people don't want to read checklists like that.

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