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So hi

Hello fellow revivalists! It'll be good to see this place alive again.

Explain your username: okay look at the icon? those are my initials. In that order. Now look at my username. Suss it out.

You don't post so much anymore. yeah I know, all my friends moved to facebook and Twitter and if being here since 2003 has taught me anything audience is my primary motivation for writing things.

A/S/L? Really? Fine. 37, ciswoman, the side of Massachusetts no one cares about.

Why should people read you? I'm funny, and my life is neverending comedy.

No really, why should people read you? Because my stepkids are terrifying, my cats are majestic and stupid, my friends are awesome, my family is intense, my girlfriend is fierce af and my husband is a mad saint for putting up with it all.

Why should people not read you? I'm a black polyamorous pansexual woman, womanist and liberal as fuck who likes kids, and I'm not here to argue about any of that.

Fan stuff: Star wars is a big one, along with a few fantasy series/authors I love like whoa.

Do you game? I run Rust and Minecraft Pocket/Win10 servers, so I guess that counts. I also blunder back into WoW about once a year or so.

Do you even RP bro: White Wolf remains a problematic fave, and I also play in a Star Trek campaign.

What else do you talk about? Burlesque and whatever craft project I'm currently on about. Sometimes its quilts. Sometimes its beads. All of it nerdy.

Anything else? No cause my stepdaughter just baked cookies and they just came out the oven so bye.
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