mimda (mimda) wrote in 2017revival,

So happy to see people coming back to LJ!

I've never left, but I've definitely stopped reading and posting as much as I'd used to. I'd love to get back into it more.

- 29 year old Scorpio.
- In love with John since 01.03.08.
- Proud mom to 6 year old Leukemia warrior Ben! ( I mention this mostly because I end up talking about it)
- New Jersey born and raised (& still here).
- Full time employee of a small business.
- Youngest and only girl of 4. Aunt to many monsters ♥
- Shy, silly, sarcastic, potty mouth
- Completed a BA in Sociology with a minor in Psych
- 2 tattoos and dying for another.

Loves: Family, coffee, reading, Disney, friends, movies, music, hockey, instagram, Peanuts, tattoos and plenty of other silly things.

I post about my day, whats going on in my life, my family, pictures, the occasional meme and whatever else I feel like sharing. I read everything on my friends page, but only comment when I have something to say.
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