Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote in 2017revival,
Ghost Light

Hello All!

Name:  Ghost_Light

Age: 46

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

Stage manager, roller derby referee, zombie aficionado and Diet Coke addict.

I've had my 'journal  since  2003 and I am one who  never  really left, I just began to slack on posting  but I'm determined to be  better now.

I am married, no pets  and no kids and no plans  to change any of that, but I enjoy having  'journal friends  who  post about their kids, pets and lives regardless of how  they differ from  mine.

 I love horror and cooking tv. My greatest  fear  is that  someone  will combine  the genres  and  I'll  be powerless  to leave the house.

Top 5 fandoms Things  I love: 

Roller Derby!  I'm  a ref for our local league...I'm  not great yet, but I chart  my progress and  share stories here.

Theatre!  I'm  the production manager  at a non-profit  theatre and I've been  involved  with everthing from improv troupes to the civic orchestra to burlesque.

Podcasts!  My current  favorites  include  Welcome  to Nightvale, The Bright  Sessions, How  Did This Get Made?, The Black Tapes, Now Playing  and  The Thrilling Adventure  Hour.  Pretty  much if it's  about  movie reviews, horror/comedy  or horror I am on board.

Adult Cartoons!  My jobs can be stressful and my favorite way to  shut off my brain is to turn on something like Adventure Time,  Bob's Burgers, Rick and Morty or BoJack  Horseman.

Food!  I'm  not a skilled cook but I post about  meals and  search out recipes  often.  I'm  also more than a bit addicted  to anything featuring  Alton Brown.

I mostly  post about:My daily life and the random  thoughts  that cross my mind plus some  "regular features" like Muppet Monday and  Friday Funnies.

My last three LJ posts were about:I'm  currently  on vacation   so i am posting  about  nothing but my trip.

How often do you post? How about commenting?:Right  now I am posting  once a week or so. I used to post daily and I plan  to get back  to that  in 2017.  Commenting...i try?

Gif that describes my day:

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