subbes (subbes) wrote in 2017revival,

Are you having problems with LiveJournal?

Offtopic, but I've seen complaints about this from others in this community and I like to help.

Are you having problems with things on the LJ website not working?

For example:
Dropdown menus not dropping down
Comments not showing up
Unable to change the security level on your entries
Unable to change your userpic
Unable to change to which community you're posting
Unable to use the rich text editor

You're not alone - something in the Javascript is messed up on LJ, and you'll see a day's worth of complaints in the Support forum about it if you take a look. Watch out, though - seeing how poor the response is to support requests may make you very sad.

Anyway, I've found a temporary fix for the brokenness: turn off Javascript in your browser for LiveJournal pages.

If you'd like to know how to do this, search the internet for "turn off javascript [name of browser you're using]."
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