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Hello! I'm Tammy. I'm a 32 year old, twice divorced Midwestern Republican girl with many liberal views. I'm a certified cat lady, and wear my baby Sebastian's pawprint as a tattoo on my wrist as my badge. I'm childfree, but have an almost-16 year old stepdaughter that spends every other weekend with my boyfriend and I, and a 13 year old stepson I really never see. The boy, the cat and I also share our double wide trailer with a pony sized, 4 year old yellow lab named Lexi. I have titled myself as bisexual and have had relationships with women, but really I'm interested in people more than gender... and I do tend to be more drawn toward men for actual relationships. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and have ultimately chosen to self-medicate over take prescription pills - I've been on many, and have enjoyed the side effects of none.

I'm not into fandoms, I'm not into anime, and I'm not into sci-fi and fantasy things - which often leaves me feeling like a 'black sheep' on these sites... so if you post frequently about any of those things, I'm probably not the right fit for your friends list. I enjoy reading about peoples' lives, and I adore pictures. I do not always post as frequently as I would like, as it can be a nuisance to pull the laptop out (I really have no handy place to designate as its 'home,' so it gets stashed away and forgotten often... plus, it's slow), and I tire after typing much on my phone. Mostly I post about the normal stuff - work, my relationships, whatever drama I have going on (I try to keep my life pretty drama-free, but you know, it tends to strike).

I'm doing another push to get myself more into LJ as it's a good therapy for me, one I feel I should utilize more often, and I am hoping that more vocal friends will get me to engage more. :)
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