Zhelana (zhelana) wrote in 2017revival,

Okay! Let's Play!

Age: 35
Location: Atlanta

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm a liberal disabled veteran, married with four fur kids. I love photography, swimming, writing, and hanging out online. I am Jewish, and enjoy studying Judaism, and am currently reading the entire Bible one chapter per night. I spend way too much time online, and never left livejournal. We are currently TTC, but down to needing IVF which we need the VA to pay for, and we aren't sure if they will or not - it is our last chance.

Top 5 fandoms: seaQuest, Firefly, Star Wars, MCU, IDK.

I mostly post about: Real life - other than a cut post after I see a movie, it's entirely real life.

My last three LJ posts were about: The anniversary of my grandfather's death (I'm sorry to be depressed on the day you add me, if you do. I promise that I am typically not overly depressed), politics (answering a meme question from the December meme that is going around - I seldom to never actually talk about politics on my journal on a day to day basis), Pokemon Go and my dog causing mischief, and an IF question which is a question from "If: Questions for the Game of Life" that I ask my Flist every week.

How often do you post: Daily. the last time I missed a day was September 16th.
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