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I have always felt that I was bad at this sort of thing.

Age: 45
Location: West Virginia

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I am a queer feminist woman, married for seventeen years with two kids, and two cats. Politically liberal independent, mad as hell about the election and not afraid to show it. I'm also a goofball, geeky as hell and a maker of things.Music, light, laughter, creativity, love and interaction are essential to my mental health and well being.

Top 5 fandoms: Doctor Who, Star Trek (all, but TNG is first), Discworld, Hamilton.

I mostly post about: I don't have a schedule, I just post as I feel like it and try to not take extended leave.

My last three LJ posts were about: Jason Moma, Embroidery and a clarification of an earlier post.

How often do you post: Usually at least once a week, I try for more.

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