Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote in 2017revival,
Susan Dennis

The odd duck who never left

I'm a 67 year old single female who lives in downtown Seattle, WA. I'm retired and fill my days with swimming and sewing rag dolls and knitting teddy bears. My LJ profile is up to date and has more detail. I've been writing in my Live Journal for many years now. I never went to Facebook. I just stayed here - thick/thin, etc.

I post several times a day. I read my friends list several times a day. I comment on other people's journals when I have something relevant to add.

99% of my journal is public. I still get a kick out of finding new friends. And I'm LOVING refinding old ones these days. I'm adding people to my friends list who have listed here. I'm not asking, I'm just adding. If I'm added back, great. If not, one day I'll cull my list - no harm, no foul.
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