Liadra (liadra) wrote in 2017revival,

It's what all the cool kids are doing...

Name: Lisa (Liadra, Lia, Aeschine)
Age: 50 (gah, that sounds so much worse than it is)
Location: Ontario, Canada

Five sentences to describe myself:
I can do it in a word: Verbose. I write; I write compulsively - but that doesn't mean I post as often as I used to, these days I write all sorts of things in all sorts of places. I keep meaning to organize that, but like all things in my life, it doesn't happen - I'm a bit of a mess, mostly harmless so I think it all rounds out in the end. Five sentences really isn't enough to even get past the crispy skin of me, but I guess that's what reading is for, isn't it? Did I mention rather uhm.. well, irreverent sense of humour?

Five fandoms:
Good gosh. I'd have to think about that. And then angst about how to narrow it down. I don't follow any groups or devotions to any particular show or such, though I do have some great and grand loves in all sorts of areas and am happy to geek out about them at the drop of a hat. Sci-fi. Fantasy. Writing. Crime shows. Gaming. WoW. (Did I mention writing?). Knitting. Weaving. SCA. Writing...

My last three posts:
Bwahahaha. I am so not looking that up. You can, though. Though I think I most post friends-only. It's been a long while. Posting happens when it happens. More frequently when I have things to say, or am riding the wave of reader love. Aren't we all a little bit like that, though?
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