La Señora (tiasabrina) wrote in 2017revival,
La Señora


Name: Sabrina
Age: 37
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: IG: I just use Facebook and IG but only add people after I "know" them (IRL or online)

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I am a high school Spanish teacher. I am very liberal. Social justice is very important to me. I love to travel. I have two cats and love most animals.

Top 5 fandoms: I don't really relate to the term "fandom," but I do love Harry Potter.

I mostly post, family, daily life updates

My last three LJ posts were about... a petty rant about a coworker, pregnancy and pregnancy loss.

How often do you post? I am hoping to post more with the resurgence, especially if I get new friends. Right now, probably only once a twice a month, but I read and comment daily.

A GIF to describe how your day has been today so far
EDIT: Gif did not work :/
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