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Age: 28
Location: Japan
SNS: I’m on FB an occasionally Tumblr, depending on how often my family checks to make sure I'm alive.
Languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, Basic French

Who am I?: I currently live in Japan, though it was never my intention to be here nor be here as long as I have been. I have a love/hate relationship with this country, which has led to a lot of self discovery and personal realizations. Love music and dancing. I suppose being a latina, it runs in my blood. But you'll more than likely find me dancing around my room or in a gym than at the club. I'm a tea and book addict. I wont spend more than $30.00 on clothes, but will easily drop $100.00 on the latest novels and tea blends. I don't sugar coat my opinions, and while I may apologize for how they might make you feel, I don't apologize for my beliefs unless I've been given enough proof to think I might be wrong (which I have no problem admitting.) Love cleaning. I blame my dad for that. I blame my mom for my love of cooking.
I take many pictures and have them on display all around my home. I use technology, but prefer physical items. Printed pictures, CD's, hand-written letters over emails, ect.  I'm simple but artsy. Love trying new things.

I love Doctor Who, Korean music, Japanese dramas, American crime dramas....but I don't follow anything religiously. I usually write about my daily life -- love, exercise, my insecurities, adventures, ect. I try to post at least once a week, and check feeds at least three times a week.

My most recent entries are about:

①The most recent date with my boyfriend and thoughts on our relationship ending in a month when he leaves for Canada.
②How I feel when people tell me I have no right to be insecure because "You're pretty and popular."
③An unexpected moment of romance with a good friend.

A gif to explain my day so far:

My journal is friends only but if you click on my tumblr link from my page, you can get a glimpse of my daily life.
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