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Trying a different introduction option!

NAME: Jenny.
LOCATION: Northern Illinois


EDUCATION: BA in English, minor in Anthropology
OCCUPATION: Stay at home parent. This is all I ever really wanted to be, and I'm good at it.
OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY: First job was in a library. *fist pump* Also did fast food and telemarketing and data entry along the way. More libraries, too. First "I got my degree now do something with it" job was proofreading phone books. 9 months, got shafted. Moved on to work as a substitute special needs aide in the school system and LOVED it wildly till I produced the first child and could legit stay home.
CAREER GOALS: Get both kids to happy, healthy, strong and well adulthood. Bask in job well done for a few years. Also, figuring out what I'm going to do with myself since this gig is self-terminating. Much angst.


PARENTS: Dad died a month before my first baby was born. Super tragic. My mom is hanging in there. I love(d) them, they love(d) me. Nobody's perfect, but we are a lot better off than a lot of people.
SIBLINGS: Younger sister. We get along for the sake of my mother.
CHILDREN: 2 boys, 11 and 8. Obviously, they are the center of my life.
SPOUSE: Tom, who does have an LJ but doesn't, you know, really use it at all. Sometimes comments. We've been married for 20 years, ups and downs, but we love each other and have crazy good chemistry. He's my best friend.
PETS: 3 cats, one elderly. 2 dogs, one new and on probation. 1 turtle named Kermit. I mention this because you should know that I named my turtle Kermit; it is revealing.

MENTAL HEALTH: Pretty damn good, because I'm an AMAZING therapist to myself. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder, but the suffering is minimal. I'm both tough and a delicate flower dammit.
PHYSICAL HEALTH: *sigh* Meh, but I can mostly do what I want to do. Still trying to find that magic thing that works for making me healthier. (Fat and WAY well adjusted about it. Not worried about losing weight, just about being fit.)
POLITICAL LEANING: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over to the left, thanks. Sweden is as close as you get to ideal for me. We're currently actually trying to immigrate to Canada (we almost did in 2006, but stuff happened); this features heavily in my life.
RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Unitarian Universalist because they really are SO DAMN NICE. It's been good for me/us. Personally, I'm an atheist/pantheist (depending on how you define deity) non-Wiccan Witch.
BODY IMAGE: Bodies are bodies! They all have their good points and their not so good points, and someday we will all be wrinkly and weak, if we are lucky.

MBTI: INFJ Also, moderator of infj and infj_mbti. Why two? LJ DRAMA! The original mod of infj had some kind of major meltdown. In an effort to calm things down, I started the alternate comm infj_mbti. Then the mod, still in meltdown, handed me infj, too. So there you go. They are currently pretty dead, but once in a blue moon, someone posts, and INFJs tend to like to hang together, so there you go.
YOUR LIVEJOURNAL USERNAME MEANING: I am Jenny. Green is my favorite color and has always been and will always be my favorite color. I was previously Jenny_Junipurr (at my most "obsessed cat mom" stage) and GypsyJenx (because GypsyJen was taken and I was a romantic hippie type and read cards for people).
PEOPLE I TALK ABOUT: Me, my family, my friends. This is kind of a weird question.

HOBBIES: I am a story junkie; was a bookworm, often settle for mainlining Netflix these days. Still love to read. Also listen to audiobooks a lot. Writing poetry (have a Tumblr). Reading cards - I wrote my own bird oracle (also kind of a job; I do it for money!). LJ. I don't really have time for anything else!
TV SHOWS: SO MANY SHOWS. But I actually don't talk about them on LJ much. In terms of "defining" stuff: Star Trek: TNG, Dr. Who (old AND new).
MOVIES: Princess Bride is my all time favorite. But I have LOTS of favorites. I. Am. A. Story. Junkie. (But I do avoid depressing stuff, because life is hard and sad enough.)
MUSIC: Folk, Rock, Oldies, Blues, bit of everything else.
THINGS I DON'T LIKE: The various isms and phobias you might expect from a very left leaning person. Self-righteousness. One true wayism. Assholes. Meanness. Etc.
RANDOM ENJOYMENTS: Dancing around in my house. Tea. Other stuff, but it's dinnertime and I have to go!
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