Chrysalis (spiritgirl) wrote in 2017revival,


Name: Spiritgirl RL: Susan
Age On LJ since: 2002. 50 something
Location: Georgia, USA.

Trying to wean myself from Facebook, but I'm afraid I'm just too dang nosey.

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I'm unapologetically Christian, but interested in how others find hope and joy. I hope that I convey tolerance and non-judgement so to be open to meet and be welcoming to others. I'm an almost empty-nester, retirement-challenged commuter in the world's worst traffic (Atlanta area).
Top 5 fandoms: John Grisham books, current show Good Behavior, Movie Out of Africa, singer Ashley Cleveland.

I mostly post about: Mundane events about my life, hopes and dreams.
My last three LJ posts were about: ported automatically from my facebook (Ugh). LJ is my first love and the place to post thoughts about life and moving forward. I don't take the time to post like I want to....but I'm always hopeful that it will kick in again. I was sooo excited when I first joined LJ to be able to post about me and share with others who I may never get to know IRL, but we shared a place to just be real and care for each other without pre-judgements. The world is full of interesting people, and we need to learn to respect others and other lifestyles.
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