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.this is me i think.


Name: i respond by the name of møn

Gender: i don't really care (although it's funny when people are really convinced i'm a guy)

Age: 18

Location: Argentina

Personality Type: INFP

Pets: cute little turtle

Sexual Orientation: i don't like to be weighed down by a tag... so i'm not lesbian, not bi, not pan; but i do like girls

Music: post-punk pop-punk, emo, metalcore, hardcore, alternative, industrial metal, 2000's music

Season: always been summer but now i've grown and i think i'm more of a hey-it's-winter-we-should-cuddle type of person?

Interests: i like the smell before rain. friends who make me laugh my head off but know how to hold deep conversations. coffee, music, art. i like poetry and constellations. i like ties and plaid skirts. i like destroying things. i like to think. i like metaphors. i like to speak in prose.

Food: anything mom cooks... and peanut butter

You Can Also Find Me On: i post my comics and drawings at https://www.facebook.com/mondraws and https://another-reject.deviantart.com

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: i'm stuck in 2007. my whole life is an embarrassing middle school emo phase. i hate the way i write or draw. i love the way i write or draw. i'm a hopeless romantic.

Top 5 fandoms: well, for starters, five is just too much for me. i'm only part of the mcrmy. and, y'know, i still read a lot of fan fiction (sorry!). also, huge fan of blink-182 and all-time fan of the all-american rejects.


I mostly post about: my thoughts and philosophies, and a little bit of angsty teenager prose here and there.

My last three LJ posts were about: prose and thoughts i was having while struggling with senior year.

How often do you post? about once a month. depends on how clear the noise in my head is.

How about commenting? i don't tend to comment because first of all, i don't have any LJ friends. second of all, when i have intentions of commenting, the post is about five years old so i don't bother. but i will comment if the post is interesting and recent.

Don't add me if: you're racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and anything that ends with phobic (okay, arachnophobics are acceptable). also, don't bother adding if you leave nasty comments ew.

(add me if you're a part of the mcrmy)
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