Daniella (mommyof_2girls) wrote in 2017revival,

Intro time

Name: DaNi
Location: Waterloo, ON
Occupation: Fulfillment coordinator
Interests: Reading, writing, cooking, baking, biking, hiking, running
Fandoms: Grey's Anatomy.
My last three LJ posts were about: Umm, (goes and looks): Being sick, weekend update, random work and family stuff.
How often do you post?: Trying to post daily (at least on the weekdays...weekends I doubt I'll actually post)
How about commenting?: I try to comment at least once on every friend's entry.
More about me: I'm a mother of 2, aged 7 and 11. Most of my posts are about life with them, my pets, bitching about my husband of almost 18 years(!), work and stuff. I'm also an atheist, but I don't usually post about it unless something really pisses me off. I post a lot of pictures but try to put them behind a cut. I was really into LJ when I stayed at home with my kids but fell off the LJ bandwagon for a while and am looking to get back into it more.
Tags: friending meme
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