The Different Are the Damned (doubledgedtruth) wrote in 2017revival,
The Different Are the Damned

Hi, I'm Frae, and I'm a blogaholic.

So, lets see, I am Frey, or Frae, depending on my mood, I'm 30 (soon to be 31) years old, and I am an aspiring author.

I write erotic lgbtq fantasy. Though, occationally there are some straight characters.

I collect playmobil figures, usually just the animals, but I have some people, too.

I'm a huge Resident Evil (game-verse) and Death Note (anime and manga) fan. I used to love comics, an awful lot, but sort of grew out of it.

I am in chronic pain. I had an accident in 2010 and have had horrendous back and hip pain since. Due to my unsteady gait, I had a fall in 2016 which revealed more damage in my neck. Its just a fact, I don't let this define me.

I'm on a weight loss journey; I've already lost 30 pounds, and would honestly like to lose 100 more. Any encouragement is awesome!

I am also a huge classic kung fu and martial arts fanatic.

I raise my nephews, with my parents. Their parents are violent, spiteful, drug addled beings, who use the boys as pawns. I wish they would lose visitation all together, but courts are funny about letting kids see their (remarkably terrible) parents.

The boys have a large Lego collection that they keep up in my place because they are afraid their parents will steal it for drug money. Sigh.

I run a little jewelry business, which specializes in wirewrapping exotic stones and beads.

I also take care of a woman who has MS and dementia. She's a great person, and sometimes its the easiest job in the world. Sometimes its decidedly not.

Lastly, I am pretty sarcastic, and bluntly honest. If you ask for my opinion, you will get it, so know what you're asking for.
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