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An Intro Most Riveting

This is either the best idea or the worst idea, LET'S FIND OUT TOGETHER, POTENTIAL NEW LJ FRIENDS.

Name: Christ, HTML is hard on an iPad. But I don't want to wake my wife up with violent keyboard tapping and FUCK ME if I'm going to cheapen my LJ experience with FORMATTING SHORTCUTS.

What was the question?

Oh yes, my name. It's Jess. But you can call me kandigurl because I thought that was a good idea when I was thirteen years old. For the record, I was neither a raver nor a stripper, just a dumb kid who thought she was extremely clever at the time. And now I'm a dumb adult who can't let the name go because CHANGE IS HARD OKAY.

Age: 32. Been toodling around these LJ parts, I think? I'd check my calendar but I'm terrified opening a new tab will lose my carefully tapped post thus far. I could probably copy/paste but CLEARLY I have more time to thump out this sentence than do that.

Also I paid for a permanent account a billion years ago so I should probably keep up with LJ for that reason alone.

Occupation: HAHAHAHAHA SWEET LORD. What is my occupation? A god damn constant struggle which largely comprises the bulk of my posts as I try to figure it out. Do you enjoy reading angsty posts written by adults trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up when they fucking should have figured that shit out by now? BOY DO I HAVE THE LJ FOR YOU.

Interests: Fucking I don't know. Swearing inappropriately. The word "probably". YouTube is way up there at the moment. My interests change all the god damn time and right now I feel like I have a severe lack of them. My interests list on my LJ profile is quite the read, though. I carefully curated it over the course of my high school existence and solidified it in 2008ish, I think. It includes such interests as "just-like-Michael-Jackson-did" and "man true", which I think tells you everything you need to know about me, really.

Posting frequency: I post to LJ in much the same way I floss: Not enough, except for the times when I remember it's important, then I do it a lot in a flurry of well-intentioned enthusiasm, eventually petering off into not-enoughness again.

Commenting: When I remember LJ exists, I'm an excellent commenter. Commentator? Comment leaver. Yes comments.

My last three posts were about: Job angst, probably.


You're welcome.
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