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Age:  44

Location: A small town in West Sussex, England, UK, which mainly exists because of the London to Brighton railway.

Tumblr/Goodreads/IG/etc: I revived my Goodreads account recently. I made a Tumblr using all the old photos I had bought in flea markets. Have a look.

Describe yourself: Married British male. Son of an architect and a nurse. Childhood spent mainly in Hong Kong (1978 to 86). Holder of degrees in archaeology, industrial relations and nursing. Registered nurse. One half-Czech daughter born in 2007. Member of the Labour Party, DiEM25, The British Humanist Association. I travel to the Czech Republic a lot to visit my rural in-laws. I don't get over to France anywhere near as often as I would like. I earn much, much less than my old school friends.

Top 5 fandoms: I'm a big fan of Victorianna, the composer Jacques Offenbach and the humble pet gerbil. I'm interested in  politics here in the UK and elsewhere, old photographs, photography (doing), classical music, electronic music, buildings (old and new), books (fiction, sci-fi and non-fiction), archaeology, history, cinema, animation, human life generally.

Things I'm not a fan of at all: Television talent contests, cars, cats, UKIP, Dr Who.

I mostly post about.... life and family, working in the NHS, politics, gerbils, places I've been, friends, Czech in-laws, funny or interesting stories patients have told me, my Hong Kong childhood, photos I'm proud of, other LJ-ers I have met in real life.

How often do you post?: I have been posting since 2005. I post at least once a week. I try to keep them shortish and illustrated with photos so people don't get bored.

Me with haircut
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