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hello everyone

Name: amw
Age: 36
Location: Berlin, Germany
Other sites: None that I will link from a public post, but I leave a short review for every game I play on Steam, so PM if you are into walking sims or adventures.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less:

Wannabe drifter but real-life tech worker who keeps getting sucked back into the capitalist machine. Alcoholic hermit who values freedom and solitude over obligation and companionship. Fascinated by people and culture, as long as it's in manageable helpings. Former lesbian trannie raver, current asexual non-binary nothing. Principled and compassionate when it comes to human beings in general, but not the most reliable friend or family member in the world.

Top 5 fandoms:

I don't really follow any fandoms, but occasionally I poke my head into the LJ branch of the SPN family. I watch tons of genre (sci-fi/superhero) TV, but the only "universe" I follow these days is the Arrowverse. Generally I prefer quirky little shows/games/etc to franchises or epic fandoms.

I mostly post about:

My difficulties holding down a "regular" job, and my resentment that society kinda forces everyone to be a part of it. When I get drunk I usually post melodramatic oh don't life suck so let's listen to some techno music before the end posts. So, not much different from when I joined LJ back in 2001ish. Honestly I'm a broken record. Read one post, you read 'em all. Fortunately, although I grumble a lot, I never really wallow any more. Old enough now to know that life keeps plodding on regardless.

Various other topics include:

Travelogues are my absolute favorite thing to post, but sometimes I pontificate on politics or society or gender too. Music, especially electronic music. Sci-fi. Food. All kinds of stuff.

My last three LJ posts were about:

Techno music, the BBS scene, drunken ranting, professional wrestling, how much work sucks...

How often do you post? How about commenting?

I post about once a week I guess, though drunk posts can spew out three on one night. I pretty much only comment on ontd_p since none of my friends post any real posts these days. LJ is such a weird and wonderful way to get to know a fairly diverse bunch of people.
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