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1) Age and location: 33, ATL, Georgia, U.S.
2) Years you've been on LJ / number of posts you've made / number of comments you've posted: Thirteen years / 2,425 posts / 34,842 comments.
3) Self-labels / identity: queer, genderfree, trans, intersectional feminist, fat-&-proud, polyamorous (relationship anarchist), demisexual, anti-capitalist, Southern, nudist, tree-hugger (literally & figuratively), vegetarian, non-neurotypical ADD-PI thinker, eclectic pagan Quaker, and artist.
4) I live with: an amazing human housemate with their sweetheart service dog and my anxious cranky cat.
5) My posts usually fall into the following categories:
--introspective self-examination
--my methods and 'hacks' for intimacy and self-awareness
--society; my ideas on why it is the way it is and how it could change
--meaningful experiences in my everyday life, especially emotionally intense ones
--analyzing relationships in my life
--goals and progress in self-growth
6) My favorite things to read on my friends list are:
all of the above categories^ plus
--stories of personal history -- like "this one time when I was 12..."
7) In the past few years the biggest issues for me with friendship have been: the other person either being unavailable due to lots of stresses in their life or due to lack of willingness to put effort into connecting. I need to find people who have the time & energy & desire to connect with me, as well as actually having a connection.
8) I post entries on average once every (day, 2 days, week, etc): 2 days. I aim for once a day and usually miss 2-3 days a week.
9) If someone made a deluxe action figure based on me, it would have these 3 props and 3 outfits: A laptop, a craft table (I know that is a little cheating but I like mixed media the best!), and a bookshelf (with social justice books and sci-fi/fantasy). One outfit would be a floor-length rainbow tiedye skirt with a sleeveless colorful shirt, one would be a short multicolor skirt and bra, and one would be a kneelength full-circle bright colored skirt with a deep-v top in a different color, a sheer patterned colorful overshirt with long sleeves and a collar, and knee-high socks that don't match. There would be one pair of black tennis shoes to be worn with every outfit.
10) My last three posts have been about:
1. not posting very much in december because I've been so busy
2. dealing with microaggressions and how that has created anxiety for me
3. getting my perfect job (friends-locked since I lock everything work-related)

and here are the questions if you wanna answer them too:
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