Sylvia (ticklethepear) wrote in 2017revival,

hello, new friends!

Name: Sylvia

Age: 46

Location: Washington DC (the District, not the suburbs)

Description: Filipina-American Mormon married to a Moroccan Muslim and raising a threenager son in French. I started my LJ in 2006. I love living in Washington DC, I work on international women's issues (something that the incoming administration is also interested in apparently - my colleagues and I were recently in the news), and am a stumbling novice at feminist parenting.

Explain your username: from Harry Potter - how you get into the kitchen at Hogwarts

Mostly I post about: my son, life in DC, random stuff

My last three posts have been about: a recent car accident (we're all fine), quiet Christmas, visiting the Smithsonian Musem of American History

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars (somewhat less so)

How often do you post? How about commenting? I try to post about once a week. I comment less, mainly because I can't access to LJ at work and I often read my f-list on my iPhone.
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