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Peer Pressure

Explain your username: My screenname is a dedication to my pets of the past TIGer an orange tabby I had my whole childhood. TOby another cat while growing up he was white and grey. GIro a german short haired pointer hunting dog he was so masculine looking yet whined like a little girl and BAndit a pointer puppy we had that died from hip displasia at a very young age. And 34 is my favorite number.

You don't post so much anymore. Actually I still post regurally and have since 2003 when I got my journal I might have gone on one or two hiatuses ever!

A/S/L? American Sign Language?
32/F/Upstate NY

Okay so it's not my selfie I went with my Celeb Doppleganger
 photo kiki_zpsh37pxtx6.png
I'm Kirsten Dunst with Brown Hair, Hazel eyes and a couple inches shorter

Why should people read you? Cause I'm a ray of fucking sunshine.

No really, why should people read you? I'm pretty blunt. I talk about real life and things going on in it. I love my boyfriend and I love love and I love talking about us. I adore cats. If it comes in purple I'm picking it first. I drink mostly Dr Pepper, 9 & 1/2 years sober- still have struggles. I speak in Colin Farrell. If I ever met Emilia Clarke I'd screm Khaleesi and pass out, and obviously I am crazy obsessed with Game of Thrones ASOIAF. If it is a Marvel movie I am seeing it. I am a girl and I watch Wrestling DEAL WITH IT. I am just getting into Harry Potter I have read the first 5 books so far I am a Ravenclaw through and through. I also am just getting into Star Wars bad timing is BAD. And this is how my posts go I write like I talk, all over the place I have a point I get there I don't have a point I just go on and on until I get tired and okay thanks bye.

Why should people not read you? I use fuck a lot?

What else do you talk about? Dinosaurs.

Anything else? I've overcome an eating disorder. I have panic anxiety, I have depression. I have fibromyalgia. I have neuropathy. And I look fucking Normal. Sorry see I warned you I say fuck a lot.
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